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verb (used with object), sicked or sicced
[sikt] /sɪkt/ (Show IPA), sicking or siccing.
to attack (used especially in commanding a dog):
Sic ’em!
to incite to attack (usually followed by on).
so or thus: inserted in brackets in a written or printed text to indicate that an odd or questionable reading is what was actually written or printed
verb (transitive) sics, sicking, sicked
to turn on or attack: used only in commands, as to a dog
to urge (a dog) to attack
determiner, adverb
a Scot word for such

sic definition

A Latin word for “thus,” used to indicate that an apparent error is part of quoted material and not an editorial mistake: “The learned geographer asserts that ‘the capital of the United States is Washingtown [sic].’”

Swedish Institute for Computer Science
standard industry classification


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