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  • Sided

    adjective 1. having a specified number or kind of sides (often used in combination): five-sided; plastic-sided. noun 1. one of the surfaces forming the outside of or bounding a thing, or one of the lines bounding a geometric figure. 2. either of the two broad surfaces of a thin, flat object, as a door, a […]

  • Side deal

    noun 1. a transaction between two people for their private benefit, which is subsidiary to a contract negotiated by them on behalf of the organizations they represent

  • Side-dish

    noun 1. a serving of a portion of food in addition to the principal food, usually on a separate dish. 2. the small additional dish used for such food. noun 1. a portion of food served in addition to the main dish

  • Side-dress

    verb (used with object), side-dressed, side-dressing. 1. to fertilize (growing plants) by mixing fertilizer into the soil along each row. verb 1. (transitive) to place fertilizers on or in the soil near the roots of (growing plants)

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