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noun, Gymnastics.
pommel horse.


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  • Side-impact

    adjective pertaining to added protection from collision on the side of a vehicle Examples The Volkswagen Beetle has side-impact air bags.

  • Side issue

    noun a secondary issue that is related to the main topic but not as important; something that is incidental

  • Sidekick

    noun 1. a close friend. 2. a confederate or assistant. noun 1. (informal) a close friend or follower who accompanies another on adventures, etc sidearms

  • Sidelight

    noun 1. an item of incidental information. 2. either of two lights carried by a vessel under way at night, a red one on the port side and a green on the starboard. 3. light coming from the side. 4. a window or other aperture for light in the side of a building, ship, etc. […]

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