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having a paddle wheel on each side, as a steamboat.
sidewalk superintendent


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  • Side-whiskers

    plural noun 1. whiskers worn long and with the chin clean-shaven. side whiskers plural noun 1. another name for sideburns

  • Sidewind

    verb (used without object), sidewound [sahyd-wound] /ˈsaɪd waʊnd/ (Show IPA) or (Rare) sidewinded, sidewinding. 1. to move like a sidewinder.

  • Sidewinder

    noun 1. a severe swinging blow from the side. 2. a rattlesnake, Crotalus cerastes, of southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico, that has a hornlike projection over each eye and that moves in loose sand by raising loops on the body and displacing them sideways. 3. any Old World snake that moves by sidewinding, as various […]

  • Sidh

    noun, plural sídhe [shee] /ʃi/ (Show IPA). Irish Folklore. 1. a mound or hill in which fairies live. 2. a fairy. 3. sídhe, the race of fairies.

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