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a fear of railroads, trains
Word Origin

Greek sideros ‘iron’ + dromos ‘running’


Read Also:

  • Siderofibrosis

    siderofibrosis sid·er·o·fi·bro·sis (sĭd’ə-rō-fī-brō’sĭs) n. Fibrosis associated with small foci in which iron is deposited.

  • Siderography

    [sid-uh-rog-ruh-fee] /ˌsɪd əˈrɒg rə fi/ noun 1. the art or technique of engraving on steel. 2. a method of increasing the number of reproductions obtained from a steel engraving by first rolling a soft-steel cylinder over a hardened steel plate and then rolling the hardened cylinder over a soft-steel plate.

  • Siderolite

    noun 1. stony-iron meteorite. noun 1. a meteorite consisting of a mixture of iron, nickel, and such ferromagnesian minerals as olivine and pyroxene

  • Sideropenia

    sideropenia sid·er·o·pe·ni·a (sĭd’ər-ə-pē’nē-ə) n. An abnormally low level of iron in the blood serum. sid’er·o·pe’nic (-nĭk) adj.

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