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a chain of hills or mountains, the peaks of which suggest the teeth of a saw.
any of several Spanish mackerels of the genus Scomberomorus, especially S. sierra, found in western North America.
a word used in communications to represent the letter S.
a range of mountains with jagged peaks, esp in Spain or America
(communications) a code word for the letter s
A high, rugged range of mountains having an irregular outline somewhat like the teeth of a saw.
company, games
(Or “Sierra On-Line”) A computer game developer founded in the early 1980s by Ken and Roberta Willams in the small mountain town of Oakhurst California. Sierra was named after the local mountian range, 15 miles from the famous Yosemite National Park.
In 1997 Sierra was purchased by CUC and its main office is now in Seattle, WA, USA.
Products include Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Robin Hood, Phantasmagoria, Leisure Suit Larry, Eco Quest and many more.
(http://sierra.com /).


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