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the gathering of military or other intelligence by interception of electronic signals and consisting of comint and elint.


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  • Sigismund

    noun 1. 1368–1437, Holy Roman emperor 1411–37. noun 1. 1368–1437, king of Hungary (1387–1437) and of Bohemia (1419–37); Holy Roman Emperor (1411–37). He helped to end the Great Schism in the Church; implicated in the death of Huss

  • Sigismund ii

    noun 1. called Sigismund Augustus. 1520–72, king of Poland (1548–72), who united Poland, Lithuania, and their dependencies by the Union of Lublin (1569)

  • Sigla

    noun 1. the list of symbols used in a book, usually collected together as part of the preliminaries robotics SIGma LAnguage. A language for industrial robots from Olivetti. [“SIGLA: The Olivetti Sigma Robot Programming Language”, M. Salmon, Proc 8th Intl Symp on Industrial Robots, 1978, pp. 358-363].

  • Sigloi

    noun, plural sigloi [sig-loi] /ˈsɪg lɔɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a silver coin of ancient Persia, the 20th part of a daric. noun (pl) -loi (-lɔɪ) 1. a silver coin of ancient Persia worth one twentieth of a daric

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