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having the form of the Greek sigma or the letter S.
shaped like the Greek letter sigma or the Roman S


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  • Sigmatism

    noun 1. defective pronunciation of sibilant sounds.

  • Sigmoid

    adjective 1. shaped like the letter C. 2. shaped like the letter S. 3. of, relating to, or situated near the sigmoid flexure of the large intestine. adjective 1. shaped like the letter S 2. of or relating to the sigmoid colon of the large intestine noun 3. See sigmoid colon sigmoid sig·moid (sĭg’moid’) or […]

  • Sieg-heil

    interjection, German. 1. hail to victory: a salute used by the Nazis. uknown 1. hail to victory: a Nazi salute, often accompanied by the raising of the right arm

  • Siegfried-line

    noun 1. a zone of fortifications in W Germany facing the Maginot Line, constructed in the years preceding World War II. Siegfried line noun 1. the line of fortifications built by the Germans prior to and during World War II opposite the Maginot line in France

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