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[sig-moi-dos-kuh-pee] /ˌsɪg mɔɪˈdɒs kə pi/
noun, plural sigmoidoscopies.
an examination by means of a sigmoidoscope.


Read Also:

  • Sigmoidostomy

    sigmoidostomy sig·moid·os·to·my (sĭg’moi-dŏs’tə-mē) n. Establishment of an artificial anus by surgically creating an opening into the sigmoid colon.

  • Sigmoidotomy

    sigmoidotomy sig·moid·ot·o·my (sĭg’moi-dŏt’ə-mē) n. Surgical opening of the sigmoid colon.

  • Sigmoid sinus

    sigmoid sinus n. The S-shaped dural sinus lying on the mastoid process of the temporal bone and the jugular process of the occipital bone.

  • Sigmoid vein

    sigmoid vein n. Any of the tributaries of the inferior mesenteric vein that drain the sigmoid colon.

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