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verb (used with object), signalized, signalizing.
to make notable or conspicuous.
to point out or indicate particularly.
to equip (a particular traffic crossing or an entire transportation route) with traffic signals.
verb (transitive)
to make noteworthy or conspicuous
to point out carefully


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  • Signaller

    noun 1. anything that serves to indicate, warn, direct, command, or the like, as a light, a gesture, an act, etc.: a traffic signal; a signal to leave. 2. anything agreed upon or understood as the occasion for concerted action. 3. an act, event, or the like that causes or incites some action: The unjust […]

  • Signalling rate

    communications The number of times per second the amplitude, frequency or phase of the signal transmitted down a communications channel changes each second. The signalling rate is measured in baud. (1998-02-14)

  • Signalling system 7

    protocol (SS7) A protocol suite used for communication with, and control of, telephone central office switches and their attached processors. (1995-03-01)

  • Signally

    adverb 1. conspicuously; notably. adverb 1. conspicuously or especially

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