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a person’s name, or a mark representing it, as signed personally or by deputy, as in subscribing a letter or other document.
the act of signing a document.
Music. a sign or set of signs at the beginning of a staff to indicate the key or the time of a piece.
Radio. a song, musical arrangement, sound effect, etc., used as a theme identifying a program.
any unique, distinguishing aspect, feature, or mark.
Medicine/Medical. that part of a written prescription that specifies directions for use.
Biology, Medicine/Medical. a distinctive characteristic or set of characteristics by which a biological structure or medical condition is recognized.
Also called section. Bookbinding. a printed sheet folded to page size for binding together, with other such sheets, to form a book, magazine, etc.

a letter or other symbol generally placed by the printer at the foot of the first page of every sheet to guide the binder in folding the sheets and in gathering them in sequence.
a sheet so marked.

Chemistry, Physics. a characteristic trace or sign that indicates the presence of a substance or the occurrence of a physical process or event:
The satellite recorded a spectrum that is the signature of a nuclear explosion.
serving to identify or distinguish a person, group, etc.:
a signature tune.
the name of a person or a mark or sign representing his name, marked by himself or by an authorized deputy
the act of signing one’s name

a distinctive mark, characteristic, etc, that identifies a person or thing
(as modifier): a signature fragrance

(music) See key signature, time signature
(US) the part of a medical prescription that instructs a patient how frequently and in what amounts he should take a drug or agent Abbreviation Sig, S

a sheet of paper printed with several pages that upon folding will become a section or sections of a book
such a sheet so folded
a mark, esp a letter, printed on the first page of a signature

signature sig·na·ture (sĭg’nə-chər)
The part of a physician’s prescription containing directions to the patient.

1. A set of function symbols with arities.
2. (Or sig) A few lines of information about the sender of an electronic mail message or news posting. Most Unix mail and news software will automagically append a signature from a file called .signature in the user’s home directory to outgoing mail and news.
A signature should give your real name and your e-mail address since, though these appear in the headers of your messages, they may be munged by intervening software. It is currently (1994) hip to include the URL of your home page on the World-Wide Web in your sig.
The composition of one’s sig can be quite an art form, including an ASCII logo or one’s choice of witty sayings (see sig quote, fool file). However, large sigs are a waste of bandwidth, and it has been observed that the size of one’s sig block is usually inversely proportional to one’s prestige on the net.
See also doubled sig, sig virus.
2. A concept very similar to abstract base classes except that they have their own hierarchy and can be applied to compiled classes. Signatures provide a means of separating subtyping and inheritance. They are implemented in C++ as patches to GCC 2.5.2 by Gerald Baumgartner .


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