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noun, plural signors Italian, signori
[see-nyaw-ree] /siˈnyɔ ri/ (Show IPA)
a conventional Italian term of address or title of respect for a man, either used separately or prefixed to the name.
Abbreviation: Sig., sig.
noun, plural signori
[sin-yawr-ee, -yohr-ee; Italian see-nyaw-ree] /sɪnˈyɔr i, -ˈyoʊr i; Italian siˈnyɔ ri/ (Show IPA)
a conventional Italian title of respect for a man, usually used separately; signor.
a plural of signora.
noun (pl) -gnors, -gnori (Italian) (-ˈɲori)
an Italian man: usually used before a name as a title equivalent to Mr
noun (pl) -ri (-rɪ; Italian) (-ri)
an Italian man: a title of respect equivalent to sir


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