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an alarm that alerts security personnel or the police without the knowledge of the intruder or criminal whose presence triggers it:
The silent alarm set off a flashing light at the police station.
any visual rather than audible alarm.


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  • Silent area

    silent area n. An area of the cerebral or cerebellar surface on which lesions cause no sensory or motor symptoms.

  • Silent-barter

    or silent trade noun 1. dumb barter.

  • Silent but deadly

    noun an instance of stinky but silent flatulence; Abbr. SBD Examples Someone done let loose a silent but deadly. Usage Note slang; also adj. sidewinder 2

  • Silent-butler

    noun 1. a small receptacle having a handle and a hinged lid, used for collecting the contents of ashtrays, crumbs from a dinner table, etc., for disposal.

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