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containing, consisting of, or resembling silica.
growing in soil rich in silica.
of, relating to, or containing abundant silica: siliceous deposits, a siliceous clay
(of plants) growing in or needing soil rich in silica
Resembling or containing silica.


Read Also:

  • Silici-

    1. a combining form representing silicon in compound words: silicide. 2. a combining form representing silica in compound words: silicify. combining form 1. indicating silica or silicon: silicify

  • Silicic

    adjective, Chemistry. 1. containing silicon. 2. of or relating to silica or acids derived from it. adjective 1. of, concerned with, or containing silicon or an acid obtained from silicon

  • Silicic-acid

    noun, Chemistry. 1. any of certain amorphous gelatinous masses, formed when alkaline silicates are treated with acids, which dissociate readily into silica and water. silicic acid noun 1. a white gelatinous substance obtained by adding an acid to a solution of sodium silicate. It has an ill-defined composition and is best regarded as hydrated silica, […]

  • Silicide

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a compound of two elements, one of which is silicon. noun 1. any one of a class of binary compounds formed between silicon and certain metals

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