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the silky covering of the seeds of certain tropical trees of the bombax family, used for stuffing cushions, pillows, etc.
another name for kapok


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  • Silk-cotton tree

    [silk-kot-n] /ˈsɪlkˌkɒt n/ noun 1. any of several spiny trees belonging to the genus Ceiba, of the bombax family, having palmately compound leaves and seeds surrounded by silk cotton, especially C. pentandra, from which kapok is obtained. silk-cotton tree noun 1. any of several tropical bombacaceous trees of the genus Ceiba, esp Ceiba pentandra, having […]

  • Silken

    adjective 1. made of silk. 2. like silk in smoothness, softness, glossiness, or delicateness. 3. clad in silk. 4. smoothly persuasive or ingratiating; mellifluous: the senator’s silken oratory. 5. elegant; luxurious. adjective 1. made of silk 2. resembling silk in smoothness or gloss 3. dressed in silk 4. soft and delicate 5. (rare) luxurious or […]

  • Silk-gland

    noun 1. any of several glands, as in various insects and spiders, that secrete a viscid protein substance which hardens into silk on contact with air.

  • Silk-gum

    noun 1. sericin. noun 1. a gelatinous organic compound that holds the two strands of natural silk together. noun 1. a gelatinous protein found on the fibres of raw silk

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