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a horizontal timber, block, or the like serving as a foundation of a wall, house, etc.
the horizontal piece or member beneath a window, door, or other opening.
Geology. a tabular body of intrusive igneous rock, ordinarily between beds of sedimentary rocks or layers of volcanic ejecta.
Mount, a mountain in E central California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 14,153 feet (4314 meters).
a shelf at the bottom of a window inside a room
a horizontal piece along the outside lower member of a window, that throws water clear of the wall below
the lower horizontal member of a window or door frame
a continuous horizontal member placed on top of a foundation wall in order to carry a timber framework
a flat usually horizontal mass of igneous rock, situated between two layers of older sedimentary rock, that was formed by an intrusion of magma
A sheet of igneous rock intruded between layers of older rock. See illustration at batholith.


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