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Beverly (Belle Silverman”Bubbles”) 1929–2007, U.S. coloratura soprano and opera administrator.
a horizontal timber, block, or the like serving as a foundation of a wall, house, etc.
the horizontal piece or member beneath a window, door, or other opening.
Geology. a tabular body of intrusive igneous rock, ordinarily between beds of sedimentary rocks or layers of volcanic ejecta.
Mount, a mountain in E central California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 14,153 feet (4314 meters).
Historical Examples

They were both locked inside; and there were no marks of any sort on the Sills.
Elusive Isabel Jacques Futrelle

On those were laid the Sills, and before noon the building was up and half covered.
Field and Forest Oliver Optic

The Sills, which are four inches by four inches, are also supposed to be made by nailing two two-by-fours together.
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties D.C. Beard

The only external alteration he had made had been the lowering of the Sills of the windows.
The Wonder J. D. Beresford

The Sills should be 8 inches square, the corner posts of the same size, and the intermediate posts 86 inches in diameter.
Rural Architecture Lewis Falley Allen

Indeed, a legend runs that these Sills were not laid by men at all, but by the Dwarfs.
Dwellers in the Hills Melville Davisson Post

The blinds and Sills were the only things they had touched up on that front, it seems, and nothing on the sides.
From the Ranks Charles King

The houses are built of brick with foundations and Sills of Soignies stone.
France and the Republic William Henry Hurlbert

Some of de logs and Sills was found de nex’ day over at de other side of de railroad track.
Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 2 Works Projects Administration

I could not manage to make companions of my messmates Sills and Broom.
My First Voyage to Southern Seas W.H.G. Kingston

Beverley, original name Belle Silverman. 1929–2007, US soprano: director of the New York City Opera (1979–89)
a shelf at the bottom of a window inside a room
a horizontal piece along the outside lower member of a window, that throws water clear of the wall below
the lower horizontal member of a window or door frame
a continuous horizontal member placed on top of a foundation wall in order to carry a timber framework
a flat usually horizontal mass of igneous rock, situated between two layers of older sedimentary rock, that was formed by an intrusion of magma

Old English syll “beam, threshold, large timber serving as a foundation of a wall,” from Proto-Germanic *suljo (cf. Old Norse svill, Swedish syll, Danish syld “framework of a building,” Middle Low German sull, Old High German swelli, German Schwelle “sill”), perhaps from PIE root *swel- (3) “post, board” (cf. Greek selma “beam”). Meaning “lower horizontal part of a window opening” is recorded from early 15c.
A sheet of igneous rock intruded between layers of older rock. See illustration at batholith.


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