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[sil-ver-pleyt] /ˈsɪl vərˈpleɪt/
verb (used with object), silver-plated, silver-plating.
to coat (base metal) with silver, especially by electroplating.
silver plate
silver tableware.
a coating of silver, especially one electroplated on base metal.
silver plate
a thin layer of silver deposited on a base metal
articles, esp tableware, made of silver plate
(transitive) to coat (a metal, object, etc) with silver, as by electroplating


Read Also:

  • Silverpoint

    noun 1. a technique of drawing with a silver stylus on specially prepared paper. 2. a drawing made by this technique. noun 1. a drawing technique popular esp in the 15th and 16th centuries, using an instrument with a silver wire tip on specially prepared paper

  • Silver-point

    noun 1. the melting point of silver, equal to 960.8°C, used as a fixed point on the international temperature scale.

  • Silver-poplar

    noun 1. white poplar (def 1).

  • Silver protein

    silver protein n. A colloidal preparation of silver oxide and protein, usually gelatin or albumin, used as an antibacterial agent.

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