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coho salmon.


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  • Silver-screen

    noun 1. motion pictures; the motion-picture industry: a star of the silver screen. 2. a special screen on which motion pictures are projected. silver screen noun (informal) the silver screen 1. films collectively or the film industry 2. the screen onto which films are projected

  • Silver service

    noun 1. (in restaurants) a style of serving food using a spoon and fork in one hand like a pair of tongs

  • Silver shrines

    little models and medallions of the temple and image of Diana of Ephesus (Acts 19:24). The manufacture of these was a very large and profitable business.

  • Silverside

    noun 1. Chiefly British. a rump roast of beef, especially one taken from the crown of the rump. 2. silversides. noun 1. (Brit & NZ) a coarse cut of beef below the aitchbone and above the leg 2. Also called silversides. any small marine or freshwater teleost fish of the family Atherinidae, related to the […]

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