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a tree, Acacia dealbata, of the legume family, native to Australia and Tasmania, having feathery, silver-gray foliage and fragrant yellow flowers.


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  • Silver-wedding

    noun 1. a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

  • Silverweed

    noun 1. a plant, Potentilla anserina, of the rose family, the leaves of which have a silvery pubescence on the underside. 2. any of several other plants having leaves with a silvery appearance. noun 1. a rosaceous perennial creeping plant, Potentilla anserina, with silvery pinnate leaves and yellow flowers 2. any of various convolvulaceous shrubs […]

  • Silverwork

    noun 1. fine or decorative work executed in silver.

  • Silvery

    adjective 1. resembling silver; of a lustrous grayish-white color: the silvery moon. 2. having a clear, ringing sound like that of silver: the silvery peal of bells. 3. containing or covered with silver: silvery deposits. adjective 1. of or having the appearance of silver: the silvery moon 2. containing or covered with silver 3. having […]

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