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or Simhat Torah, Simchath Torah, Simchat Torah
[sim-khahs tawr-uh, tohr-uh; Sephardic Hebrew seem-khaht taw-rah; Ashkenazic Hebrew sim-khahs toh-ruh, toi-ruh, -khuh s] /ˈsɪm xɑs ˈtɔr ə, ˈtoʊr ə; Sephardic Hebrew simˈxɑt tɔˈrɑ; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈsɪm xɑs ˈtoʊ rə, ˈtɔɪ rə, -xəs/
a Jewish festival, celebrated on the 23rd day of Tishri, being the 9th day of Sukkoth, that marks the completion of the annual cycle of the reading of the Torah in the synagogue and the beginning of the new cycle.


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