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Simon bolivar

[sahy-muh n;; Spanish see-mawn] /ˈsaɪ mən;; Spanish siˈmɔn/ (Show IPA), (“El Libertador”) 1783–1830, Venezuelan statesman: leader of revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule.
Pico, a mountain in W Venezuela, in the Cordillera Mérida: highest elevation in Venezuela. 16,411 feet (5007 meters).
Simon (siˈmon). 1783–1830, South American soldier and liberator. He drove the Spaniards from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru and hoped to set up a republican confederation, but was prevented by separatist movements in Venezuela and Colombia (1829–30). Upper Peru became a separate state and was called Bolivia in his honour
noun (pl) -vars, -vares (-βares)
the standard monetary unit of Venezuela, equal to 100 céntimos


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