Simon lake

Simon, 1866–1945, U.S. engineer and naval architect.
an expanse of water entirely surrounded by land and unconnected to the sea except by rivers or streams related adjective lacustrine
anything resembling this
a surplus of a liquid commodity: a wine lake
a bright pigment used in textile dyeing and printing inks, produced by the combination of an organic colouring matter with an inorganic compound, usually a metallic salt, oxide, or hydroxide See also mordant
a red dye obtained by combining a metallic compound with cochineal

lake 1 (lāk)
A small collection of fluid.

lake 2
A pigment consisting of organic coloring matter with an inorganic, usually metallic base or carrier, used in dyes, inks, and paints. v. laked, lak·ing, lakes
To cause blood plasma to become red as a result of the release of hemoglobin from the red blood cells.
A large inland body of standing fresh or salt water. Lakes generally form in depressions, such as those created by glacial or volcanic action; they may also form when a section of a river becomes dammed or when a channel is isolated by a change in a river’s course.

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