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[sim-puh l-hahr-tid] /ˈsɪm pəlˈhɑr tɪd/
free of deceit; artless; sincere.
free from deceit; open; frank; sincere


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  • Simple-honors

    plural noun, Auction Bridge. 1. three honors in the trump suit, or three aces in no-trump, held by a partnership.

  • Simple-interest

    noun 1. interest payable only on the principal; interest that is not compounded. simple interest noun 1. interest calculated or paid on the principal alone Compare compound interest simple interest Interest computed only on the original principal and not on the sum of the principal plus accrued interest. The amount of simple interest remains constant. […]

  • Simple-interval

    noun, Music. 1. an interval of an octave or less.

  • Simple joint

    simple joint n. A joint composed of two bones only.

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