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Simple network management protocol

(SNMP) The Internet standard protocol, defined in STD 15, RFC 1157, developed to manage nodes on an IP network. SNMP is not limited to TCP/IP. It can be used to manage and monitor all sorts of equipment including computers, routers, wiring hubs, toasters and jukeboxes.
See also Management Information Base, Simple Network Management Protocol version 2.


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  • Simple network paging protocol

    protocol (SNPP) A standard for sending one- and two-way wireless messages to pagers. In its simplest form, SNPP provides a simple way to make a link between the Internet and a Telocator Alphanumeric input Protocol (TAP) paging terminal. SNPP is defined in RFC 1861. (1997-04-25)

  • Simple object access protocol

    protocol (SOAP) A minimal set of conventions for invoking code using XML over HTTP. DevelopMentor, Microsoft Corporation, and UserLand Software submitted SOAP to the IETF as an internal draft in December 1999. Latest version: SOAP 1.1 defined by World Wide Web Consortium. (http://w3.org/TR/SOAP/). (2000-01-08)

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