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characterized by extreme simplism; oversimplified:
a simplistic notion of good and bad.
characterized by extreme simplicity; naive
oversimplifying complex problems; making unrealistically simple judgments or analyses


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  • Simplon

    noun 1. a mountain pass in S Switzerland, in the Lepontine Alps: crossed by a carriage road constructed 1800–06 on Napoleon’s orders. 6592 feet (2010 meters) high. 2. a tunnel between Switzerland and Italy, NE of the Simplon Pass: longest tunnel in the world. 12¼ miles (20 km) long.

  • Simplon pass

    /ˈsɪmplɒn/ noun 1. a pass over the Lepontine Alps in S Switzerland, between Brig (Switzerland) and Iselle (Italy). Height: 2009 m (6590 ft)

  • Simpl-t

    The base language for a family of languages and compilers. [“SIMPL-T, A Structured Programming Language”, V.R. Basili, Paladin House 1976]. (1994-12-07)

  • Simply

    adverb 1. in a simple manner; clearly and easily. 2. plainly; unaffectedly. 3. sincerely; artlessly: to speak simply as a child. 4. merely; only: It is simply a cold. 5. unwisely; foolishly: If you behave simply toward him, you’re bound to be betrayed. 6. wholly; absolutely: simply irresistible. adverb 1. in a simple manner 2. […]

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