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adjective, simpier, simpiest. Slang.
of or like a simp.


Read Also:

  • Simri

    watchman, a Levite of the family of Merari (1 Chr. 26:10).

  • Simsbury

    noun 1. a town in central Connecticut.

  • Simscript

    A free-form, English-like general-purpose simulation language produced by Harry Markowitz et al of Rand Corp in 1963. It was implemented as a Fortran preprocessor on IBM 7090 and was designed for large discrete simulations. It influenced Simula. Later versions included SIMSCRIPT I.5 and SIMSCRIPT II.5.

  • Simscript i.5

    A version of SIMSCRIPT developed at CACI in 1965. It produced assembly language.

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