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simultaneous submissions


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  • Simul

    adverb 1. (in prescriptions) together. noun 1. a shortened form of simultaneous (sense 2)

  • Simula

    language SIMUlation LAnguage. See Lund Simula, SIMULA 67, SIMULA I. See also Association for SIMULA Users, C++SIM, FLEX, MODSIM, SIMSCRIPT. A simula-to-C compiler project is underway. E-mail: Harald Thingelstad . Usenet newsgroup: news:bit.listserv.simula. (1995-03-29)

  • Simulacra

    noun, plural simulacra [sim-yuh-ley-kruh] /ˌsɪm yəˈleɪ krə/ (Show IPA) 1. a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness or semblance. 2. an effigy, image, or representation: a simulacrum of Aphrodite. noun (archaic) (pl) -cra (-krə) 1. any image or representation of something 2. a slight, unreal, or vague semblance of something; superficial likeness

  • Simulacral

    noun, Archaic. 1. simulacrum.

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