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[sahy-nan-thruh-puh s, si-, sahy-nan-throh-puh s, sin-an-] /saɪˈnæn θrə pəs, sɪ-, ˌsaɪ nænˈθroʊ pəs, ˌsɪn æn-/
the genus to which Peking man was formerly assigned.
a primitive apelike man of the genus Sinanthropus, now considered a subspecies of Homo erectus See also Java man, Peking man
(sī-nān’thrə-pəs, sĭ-, sī’nān-thrō’pəs, sĭn’ān-)
An extinct hominid postulated from bones found in China in the late 1920s and originally designated Sinanthropus pekinensis in the belief that it represented a species evolutionarily preceding humans. Sinanthropus is now classified as Homo erectus. Also called Peking man. See more at Homo erectus.


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