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Sinclair pc200




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    company A British microelectronics developer and manufacturer. Evolving from Sinclair Radionics in 1979, Sinclair Research was owned by Sir Clive Sinclair. Sinclair Radionics produced electronic components and devices (such as calculators and pocket radios and televisions), but Sinclair Research began by producing some of the first 8-bit home microcomputers. Sinclair produced five microcomputers from 1980 […]

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    noun 1. a former province of Pakistan, in the lower Indus valley; now part of West Pakistan. 48,136 sq. mi. (125,154 sq. km). Capital: Karachi. noun 1. a province of SE Pakistan, mainly in the lower Indus valley: formerly a province of British India; became a province of Pakistan in 1947; divided in 1955 between […]

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    [sind-bad, sin-] /ˈsɪnd bæd, ˈsɪn-/ noun 1. (in The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments), a wealthy citizen of Baghdad who relates the adventures of his seven wonderful voyages.

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