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an island on the Strait of Singapore, off the S tip of the Malay Peninsula.
an independent republic comprising this island and a few adjacent islets: member of the Commonwealth of Nations; formerly a British crown colony (1946–59) and member of the federation of Malaysia (1963–65). 220 sq. mi. (570 sq. km).
Capital: Singapore.
a seaport in and the capital of this republic.
of or relating to Singapore or its inhabitants
a native or inhabitant of Singapore
a republic in SE Asia, occupying one main island and over 50 small islands at the S end of the Malay Peninsula: established as a British trading post in 1819 and became part of the Straits Settlements in 1826; occupied by the Japanese (1942–45); a British colony from 1946, becoming self-governing in 1959; part of the Federation of Malaysia from 1963 to 1965, when it became an independent republic (within the Commonwealth). Official languages: Chinese, Malay, English, and Tamil. Religion: Buddhist, Taoist, traditional beliefs, and Muslim. Currency: Singapore dollar. Capital: Singapore. Pop: 5 460 302 (2013 est). Area: now over 700 sq km (270 sq miles), increased in recent years as a result of land reclamation schemes
the capital of the republic of Singapore: a major international port; administratively not treated as a city

Singapore definition

An island republic in Southeast Asia at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Note: A British colony from 1946 to 1959, Singapore then became independent.

Note: Though only 225 square miles in size, it is a major economic power in Asia.

Note: It is one of the world’s biggest and busiest ports.


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