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a performer who writes his or her own songs


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  • Singh

    1. Singhalese. noun 1. a title assumed by a Sikh when he becomes a full member of the community

  • Singhalese

    adjective, noun, plural Singhalese. 1. Sinhalese. noun, adjective (pl) -leses, -lese 1. a variant spelling of Sinhalese

  • Singing

    verb (used without object), sang or, often sung; sung; singing. 1. to utter words or sounds in succession with musical modulations of the voice; vocalize melodically. 2. to perform a song or voice composition: She promised to sing for us. 3. to produce melodious sounds, usually high in pitch, as certain birds, insects, etc.: The […]

  • Singingfish

    noun, plural (especially collectively) singingfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) singingfishes. 1. midshipman (def 3).

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