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Single edge contact

(SEC) The type of cartridge in which a Pentium II is packaged.
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  • Single edge contact cartridge

    hardware (SEC, SECC) The cased daughterboard housing Intel’s Pentium II, Pentium III, and Xeon microprocessors. A SECC fits into a Slot 1 or Slot 2 connector. [SECC 2?] (1999-08-05)

  • Single edge processor package

    hardware (SEPP) The caseless daughterboard containing Intel’s Celeron processor. A SEPP fits into a Slot 1 connector. (1999-08-04)

  • Single-electron transistor

    quantum dot

  • Single electron tunneling

    electronics (SET) A New electrical standard for capacitance. SET devices can be used to construct circuits which process information by manipulating individual electrons. SET devices are small, dissipate little power, and can detect exquisitely small quantities of charge. The small size and low power dissipation of SET circuits makes them potentially useful for the Information […]

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