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(music) to play (any nonlegato passage) on a wind instrument by obstructing and uncovering the air passage through the lips with the tongue Compare double-tongue, triple-tongue


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  • Sinuate

    adjective, Also, sinuated 1. bent in and out; winding; sinuous. 2. Botany. having the margin strongly or distinctly wavy, as a leaf. verb (used without object), sinuated, sinuating. 3. to curve or wind in and out; creep in a winding path: a snake sinuating along the ground. adjective 1. Also sinuous. (of leaves) having a […]

  • Sinuation

    noun 1. a winding; sinuosity.

  • Sinuiju

    noun 1. a city in W North Korea, on the Yalu River.

  • Sinumbra-lamp

    or sinumbral lamp [si-nuhm-bruh] /sɪˈnʌm brə/ noun 1. an unshaded sperm-oil lamp consisting of a translucent glass globe supported on a pedestal: a form of astral lamp.

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