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the act, process, amount, or degree of sinking.
a surface sunk for decorative effect.

the lowering of the first line of body text on a page from its usual position, as at the beginning of a chapter.
the amount of such lowering.

(rare) the act of sinking or degree to which something sinks or has sunk


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    noun 1. a person or thing that sinks. 2. a person employed in sinking, as one who sinks shafts. 3. a weight, as of lead, for sinking a fishing line or net below the surface of the water. 4. Slang. a doughnut or, sometimes, a biscuit or muffin. 5. Also called sinkerball. Baseball. a pitched […]

  • Sinkerball

    noun 1. sinker (def 5). sink

  • Sinkhole

    noun 1. a hole formed in soluble rock by the action of water, serving to conduct surface water to an underground passage. 2. Also called sink. a depressed area in which waste or drainage collects. noun 1. Also called (esp Brit) swallow hole. a depression in the ground surface, esp in limestone, where a surface […]

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    [Chinese shin-jyahng wee-guh r] /Chinese ˈʃɪnˈdʒyɑŋ ˈwi gər/ noun 1. Xinjiang Uygur. Xinjiang Uygur or Sinkiang Uighur [shin-jyahng wee-ger] /ˈʃɪnˈdʒyɑŋ ˈwi gər/ noun 1. an autonomous region in NW China, bordering Tibet, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tadzhikistan, Pakistan, and India: formerly a province. 635,830 sq. mi. (1,646,800 sq. km). Capital: Ürümqi.

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