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sinoatrial si·no·a·tri·al (sī’nō-ā’trē-əl) or si·nu·a·tri·al (sī’nōō-ā’trē-əl, -nyōō-, sĭn’yōō-)
Abbr. S-A
Relating to the venous sinus and the right atrium of the heart.


Read Also:

  • Sinoatrial block

    sinoatrial block n. Failure of an impulse to leave the sinoatrial node. Also called sinoauricular block, sinus block.

  • Sinoatrial-node

    [sahy-noh-ey-tree-uh l, sahy-] /ˈsaɪ noʊˈeɪ tri əl, ˌsaɪ-/ noun, Anatomy. 1. a small mass of tissue in the right atrium functioning as pacemaker of the heart by giving rise to the electric impulses that initiate heart contractions. sinoatrial node n. Abbr. SAN A small mass of specialized cardiac muscle fibers located in the posterior wall […]

  • Sinoauricular block

    sinoauricular block n. See sinoatrial block.

  • Sinoauricular node

    sinoauricular node n. See sinoatrial node.

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