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noun, plural sinuses.
a curve; bend.
a curving part or recess.

any of various cavities, recesses, or passages, as a hollow in a bone, or a reservoir or channel for venous blood.
one of the hollow cavities in the skull connecting with the nasal cavities.
an expanded area in a canal or tube.

Pathology. a narrow passage leading to an abscess or the like.
Botany. a small, rounded depression between two projecting lobes, as of a leaf.
Sinus, Sinus Iridum.
noun (pl) -nuses

any bodily cavity or hollow space
a large channel for venous blood, esp between the brain and the skull
any of the air cavities in the cranial bones

(pathol) a passage leading to a cavity containing pus
(botany) a small rounded notch between two lobes of a leaf, petal, etc
an irregularly shaped cavity

sinus si·nus (sī’nəs)

A depression or cavity formed by a bending or curving.

A channel for the passage of blood or lymph, without the coats of an ordinary vessel, such as the blood passages in the gravid uterus or in the cerebral meninges.

Any of various air-filled cavities in the bones of the skull, especially one communicating with the nostrils.

A dilatation in a blood vessel.

A fistula or tract leading to a pus-filled cavity.


A cavity or hollow space in a bone of the skull, especially one that connects with the nose.

A channel for the passage of a body fluid, such as blood.


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