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noun, Cartography.
an equal-area projection in which parallels are straight lines spaced at regular intervals, the central meridian is a straight line one-half the length of the equator, and the other meridians are curves symmetrical to the central meridian.
sinusoidal projection
an equal-area map projection on which all parallels are straight lines and all except the prime meridian are sine curves, often used to show tropical latitudes Also called Sanson-Flamsteed projection
sinusoidal projection

A map projection in which the parallels and a central meridian, usually the prime meridian, are straight lines and the other meridians are curved outward from the central meridian. Sinusoidal projection maps present accurate area and distance at every parallel and at the central meridian; distortion increases at the outer meridians and at high latitudes. It is often used in atlases to map Africa and South America. Compare conic projection, homolosine projection, Mercator projection.


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