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[sahy-fuh-nuh-fawr, -fohr, sahy-fon-uh-] /ˈsaɪ fə nəˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr, saɪˈfɒn ə-/
any pelagic hydrozoan of the order Siphonophora, being a floating or swimming colony composed of polyps.
/ˈsaɪfənəˌfɔː; saɪˈfɒnə-/
any marine colonial hydrozoan of the order Siphonophora, including the Portuguese man-of-war
(sī-fŏn’ə-fôr’, sī’fə-nə-)
Any of various transparent, often subtly colored marine cnidarians of the order Siphonophora, consisting of a delicate floating or swimming colony of polyplike and medusalike individuals. Siphonophores can reach lengths of 40 m (131 ft), making them longer than blue whales. The Portuguese man-of-war is a siphonophore.


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