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a person who sips.
a paper tube through which to sip; drinking straw.
(US, informal) a drinking straw


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  • Sippet

    noun 1. a small bit; fragment. 2. a small piece of bread or the like for dipping in liquid food, as in gravy or milk; a small sop. 3. a crouton. noun 1. a small piece of something, esp a piece of toast or fried bread eaten with soup or gravy

  • Sipping

    verb (used with object), sipped, sipping. 1. to drink (a liquid) a little at a time; take small tastes of: He sipped the hot tea noisily. 2. to drink from a little at a time: The bird sipped the flower. 3. to take in; absorb: to sip knowledge at its source. verb (used without object), […]

  • Sippy-cup

    noun 1. a spill-resistant drinking cup for toddlers, having a tight lid with a spout. noun 1. (US & Canadian) a plastic cup for young children which has a tight-fitting lid with a perforated spout noun a type of spill-proof lidded plastic cup for toddlers Examples When your baby can handle a cup but can’t […]

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    unit, standard The standard metric prefixes used in the Système International d’Units (SI) conventions for scientific measurement. Here are the SI magnifying prefixes, along with the corresponding binary interpretations in common use: prefix abr decimal binary yocto- 1000^-8 zepto- 1000^-7 atto- 1000^-6 femto- f 1000^-5 pico- p 1000^-4 nano- n 1000^-3 micro- * 1000^-2 * […]

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