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Sir arthur harden

Sir Arthur, 1865–1940, English biochemist: Nobel Prize 1929.
to make or become hard or harder; freeze, stiffen, or set
to make or become more hardy, tough, or unfeeling
to make or become stronger or firmer: they hardened defences
to make or become more resolute or set: hardened in his resolve
(intransitive) (commerce)

(of prices, a market, etc) to cease to fluctuate
(of price) to rise higher

a rough fabric made from hards

c.1200 (replacing Old English heardian) “to make (something) hard,” from hard + -en (1). Meaning “to become hard” is late 14c. Related: Hardened (figurative sense of “unfeeling” is from late 14c.); hardening.


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