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a river in NW Canada, in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, flowing northwest from Great Slave Lake to the Beaufort Sea: the longest river in Canada; navigable in summer. Length: 1770 km (1100 miles)
Sir Alexander. ?1755–1820, Scottish explorer and fur trader in Canada. He explored the Mackenzie River (1789) and was the first European to cross America north of Mexico (1793)
Alexander. 1822–92, Canadian statesman; first Liberal prime minister (1873–78)
Sir Compton. 1883–1972, English author. His works include Sinister Street (1913–14) and the comic novel Whisky Galore (1947)
Sir Thomas. 1854–1930, New Zealand statesman born in Scotland: prime minister of New Zealand (1912)
William Lyon. 1795–1861, Canadian journalist and politician, born in Scotland. He led an unsuccessful rebellion against the oligarchic Family Compact (1837)


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