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Sister act

sissy bar


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  • Sister-carrie

    noun 1. a novel (1900) by Theodore Dreiser.

  • Sisterhood

    noun 1. the state of being a sister. 2. a group of sisters, especially of nuns or of female members of a church. 3. an organization of women with a common interest, as for social, charitable, business, or political purposes. 4. congenial relationship or companionship among women; mutual female esteem, concern, support, etc. 5. Usually, […]

  • Sisterly

    adjective 1. of, like, or befitting a sister: sisterly affection. adverb 2. in the manner of a sister; as a sister. adjective 1. of, resembling, or suitable to a sister, esp in showing kindness and affection

  • Sister-of-charity

    noun, Roman Catholic Church. 1. a member of one of several congregations of sisters founded in 1634 by St. Vincent de Paul. 2. any of several other orders of nuns devoted to teaching, care of the sick, etc.

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