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Sit under

(intransitive, preposition) (cards) to be seated on the right of (the player)


Read Also:

  • Sit-up

    noun 1. an exercise in which a person lies flat on the back, lifts the torso to a sitting position, and then lies flat again without changing the position of the legs: formerly done with the legs straight but now usually done with the knees bent.

  • Sit-upon

    noun 1. a piece of waterproof fabric or other material carried by campers, hikers, etc., and used for sitting on wet surfaces. 2. Chiefly British Informal. the buttocks.

  • Situs

    noun, plural situses, situs. 1. position; situation. 2. the proper or original position, as of a part or organ. noun, Latin. 1. in situ. noun (pl) -tus 1. position or location, esp the usual or right position of an organ or part of the body situs si·tus (sī’təs) n. pl. situs Position, especially normal or […]

  • Situs-inversus

    [in-vur-suh s] /ɪnˈvɜr səs/ noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. a congenital defect in which an organ is on the side opposite from its normal position. situs inversus situs in·ver·sus (ĭn-vûr’səs) n. A congenital condition in which the organs of the viscera are transposed through the sagittal plane so that the heart, for example, is on the right […]

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