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the position or location of a town, building, etc., especially as to its environment:
the site of our summer cabin.
the area or exact plot of ground on which anything is, has been, or is to be located:
the site of ancient Troy.
Computers. website.
verb (used with object), sited, siting.
to place in or provide with a site; locate.
to put in position for operation, as artillery:
to site a cannon.

the piece of land where something was, is, or is intended to be located: a building site, archaeological site
(as modifier): site office

an internet location where information relating to a specific subject or group of subjects can be accessed
(transitive) to locate, place, or install (something) in a specific place

site (sīt)
A place; a location. v. sit·ed, sit·ing, sites
To locate or situate at a site.


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