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irony involving a situation in which actions have an effect that is opposite from what was intended, so that the outcome is contrary to what was expected.

an outcome that turns out to be very different from what was expected, the difference between what is expected to happen and what actually does


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  • Situationalism

    [sich-oo-ey-shuh-niz-uh m] /ˌsɪtʃ uˈeɪ ʃəˌnɪz əm/ noun, Psychology. 1. the theory that behavior is chiefly response to immediate situations.

  • Situationally

    noun 1. manner of being situated; location or position with reference to environment: The situation of the house allowed for a beautiful view. 2. a place or locality. 3. condition; case; plight: He is in a desperate situation. 4. the state of affairs; combination of circumstances: The present international situation is dangerous. 5. a position […]

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    situational psychosis sit·u·a·tion·al psychosis (sĭch’ōō-ā’shə-nəl) n. A severe, transitory emotional disorder caused by an extremely distressing event or situation.

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    noun 1. a comedy drama, especially a television series made up of discrete episodes about the same group of characters, as members of a family. situation comedy noun 1. (on television or radio) a comedy series involving the same characters in various day-to-day situations which are developed as separate stories for each episode Also called […]

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