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Dame Edith, 1887–1964, English poet and critic.
her brother, Sir Osbert, 1892–1969, English poet and novelist.
her brother, Sir Sacheverell
[suh-shev-er-uh l] /səˈʃɛv ər əl/ (Show IPA), 1897–1988, English poet, novelist, and art critic.
Dame Edith. 1887–1964, English poet and critic, noted esp for her collection Façade (1922)
her brother, Sir Osbert. 1892–1969, English writer, best known for his five autobiographical books (1944–50)
his brother, Sir Sacheverell (səˈʃɛvərəl). 1897–1988, English poet and writer of books on art, architecture, music, and travel


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