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noun, Basketball.
a team’s best substitute.


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  • Sixth-sense

    noun 1. a power of perception beyond the five senses; intuition: His sixth sense warned him to be cautious. noun 1. any supposed sense or means of perception, such as intuition or clairvoyance, other than the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell Keen intuition, as in She had a sixth sense that […]

  • Sixth venereal disease

    sixth venereal disease n. See venereal lymphogranuloma.

  • Sixth year

    noun 1. (in Scotland) the most senior class in a secondary school to which pupils, usually above the legal leaving age, may proceed to take sixth-year studies, retake or take additional Highers, etc

  • Sixth-year molar

    sixth-year molar n. The first permanent molar tooth.

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