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discrimination on the basis of a person’s size, esp against people considered to be overweight

discrimination against someone on the basis of their physical size

When someone says “he has a Napoleon complex”, that is sizeism.


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  • Size queen

    noun 1. (slang) a man or woman who prefers a sexual partner with a large penis six ways to Sunday

  • Sizer

    noun 1. any device for measuring or sorting objects according to size. 2. a worker who judges or sorts objects according to size. noun 1. sizar. noun 1. (at Cambridge University and at Trinity College, Dublin) an undergraduate who receives maintenance aid from the college. noun 1. (Brit) (at Peterhouse, Cambridge, and Trinity College, Dublin) […]

  • Size-up

    noun 1. an appraisal or estimation, especially as the result of sizing up: asking for a size-up of the new office equipment.

  • Size zero

    noun 1. a very small size in women’s clothes, originating in the US, equivalent to a UK size 4 noun the smallest size of women’s clothing Examples Size zero in the US is equivalent to UK size four.

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