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Skaw, The.
Cape Skagen, another name for the Skaw


Read Also:

  • Skagerrak

    noun 1. an arm of the North Sea, between Denmark and Norway. 150 miles (240 km) long; 80–90 miles (130–145 km) wide. noun 1. an arm of the North Sea between Denmark and Norway, merging with the Kattegat in the southeast

  • Skagway

    noun 1. a town in SE Alaska, near the famous White and Chilkoot passes to the Klondike gold fields: railway terminus.

  • Skald

    noun 1. one of the ancient Scandinavian poets. noun 1. (in ancient Scandinavia) a bard or minstrel

  • Skanda

    noun 1. the Hindu god of war.

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